Forget about the post office. Order delivery online with rapid delivery services count on us...

Forget about the post office. Order delivery online with rapid delivery services count on us...

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About Us
  • We offer many types of services from a direct, door to door, to overnight service
    However if you need a specific time for pickup deliver or customized services,
    We can work with you,



  • RAPID DELIVERY SERVICES offers Delivery services to meet your needs
    every single hour of every single day. If getting that package to its destination is important to you,



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Send Out the Love to Family and Friends by Rapid Delivery Service in the UAE!

Rapid delivery service is a fastest courier service in Dubai that has made life easier for you in the UAE! We offer delivery of almost anything that you want. Forget about sitting home and worrying about reaching out somewhere to deliver something big or small. We offer to you an exceptional service which is picking up from home service that will make it easier for you! Now you can just prepare a package and let us pick it and deliver it for you!

Our fast and convenient services make it nothing but satisfying to our clients. We assure the safety of your package and make sure to not let you down. With our time and safety net, Rapid Delivery Services makes us your number one choice.

Benefits of Choosing Us

If you are looking to deliver a package, we are here to offer you the best delivery service in UAE. Rapid Delivery Service in UAE allows you to benefit from their services and enjoy the carefree moments after sending the parcel. There are tons of benefits in choosing us as your Delivery Service including


  • We help you save your precious time and money! We make sure that your parcel is sent on time and conveniently. We guarantee safety for your item and offer quick services like no other!
  • Rapid Delivery Service assures you full reliability. Your parcels are treated like babies here and we make sure to deliver them safe and sound to its rightful recipients!
  • Our prices are very convenient! We offer the most competitive rates in the market with fully satisfying service to our clients!
  • Our Global Presence makes it easier for you to deliver a parcel anywhere in the UAE!

Offerings by Rapid Delivery Services!

There may be many delivery services in Dubai but Rapid Delivery Services offers the best delivery services to you. These are guaranteed to make you smile and satisfied completely!

  • We give stationary and office services
  • We help you in shopping- just give us the list and you are good to go
  • We help you pay your bills
  • Our services include pickup packages and delivery
  • We offer same day delivery service
  • We offer foreign affairs attestations on the same day
  • We offer delivery of documents within UAE
  • We deliver heavy weight packages too
  • We offer delivery of international documents
  • We also offer delivery of international heavy weights
  • We deliver frozen food
  • We help you deliver flowers to your loved ones!

All our services are exceptionally performed and we make sure to satisfy our customers completely.